Celebrates 10 Years of Worldwide Social Impact
5 min readMay 16, 2022

Recent Fast Company World Changing Ideas Company of the Year finalist approaches unprecedented 5 billion signatures for change

Approximately half a billion users from around the world have come to the platform, starting more than 4 million petitions to address the world’s most pressing political, societal and economic issues. The platform is expected to reach approximately 5 billion signatures for change in the coming year, a milestone for the company which first launched in the United States in 2007, and began global expansion in 2012.

“Over the last decade, has pioneered a global civic infrastructure that has enabled millions of people to make more progress, on more issues, than any other platform in the world," said Bec Wilson, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Organizer Success for "We are proud to reflect on the impact people have driven through and the millions upon millions of lives they have touched in societies across the globe."

Millions of petition organizers have achieved victories for individuals and entire communities, driving change both locally, nationally and on a global scale. supports organizers by helping them to find supporters, develop campaign strategies, secure media coverage, organize events, and get in touch with powerful decision makers. The organization has been a simple but powerful technology behind the most compelling, citizen-led, globally recognized campaigns and most passionate activists in the world:

Through the platform, everyday people have rallied to save the innocent from execution and wrongful convictions, demanded action from corporations, protected animal rights, and saved lives with access to medication and care. They have held law enforcement agents accountable, fought discriminatory dress codes in schools, made sure teachers and families could weather the COVID-19 pandemic and most recently, have jumped into action to protect reproductive rights, among many other causes.

Beyond petition support, continues to find new ways to drive meaningful societal change in the world. The organization recently launched the Racial Justice Fund to empower African-American communities with 5.5 million dollars in funding for Black-led organizations across the United States and around the world. The program was recently recognized by Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards in the General Excellence and CSR categories.

In Latin America, the organization has helped to amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in the trans rights movement. This includes partnerships with various transgender organizations, activists and influencers in Brazil, Mexico and Peru to bring more awareness to their identity rights, and to fight and scale their campaigns through documentaries, murals and signature deliveries.

In 2017, the Foundation launched She Creates Change, a leadership program for emerging women civic leaders in India. Many of the program participants have used the skills and experience gained through the program to move into positions of leadership and influence throughout India. Given this success, the program has since expanded into Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, and Nigeria, with plans to reach more marginalized communities through further expansion across the Global South.

“The global expansion of in 2012 was a critical step toward creating a positive impact in some of the world’s most marginalized communities,” said Preethi Herman, Global Executive Director and board member of the Foundation. “Now, a decade later, the Foundation has taken ownership of, further unlocking the power of citizen-led campaigning through technology, programs, research and partnerships.”

The celebration of’s 10-year anniversary as a global organization follows its historic transition to a nonprofit-owned governance structure that establishes the permanent independence of the platform and secures the long-term stewardship of as a digital public utility committed to the public interest. This new structure also positions the organization for its next phase of growth: from a single product company focused on petitions to a civic infrastructure platform that empowers people everywhere to use their voice, money, and time to build healthier, more participatory and responsive societies. is an open platform that draws people with different and sometimes competing perspectives, experiences and interests to use the free platform tools and resources to support issues and causes they care about. Through robust user guidelines and a dedicated legal and policy team, maintains a strong commitment to user privacy and safety and ensuring the rights and responsibilities of its half a billion users worldwide remain protected and enforced.

About is the world’s largest tech platform for people-powered, social change. More than half a billion people across 196 countries use our technology-driven petition and campaign tools to speak up on issues they’re passionate about. Approximately 70,000 petitions are created and supported on our platform every month, with 1.5 million new people joining our global network of users every week. People on have powered tens of thousands of campaign victories worldwide, and more are winning every week.

Every day, our users collaborate to organize on local, national and global issues; hold corporations to account; and demand action from decision makers at the highest levels of government and business. Our platform is free to use, open to all, and completely independent because it’s funded by the people who use it. Our independence makes us a trusted resource for decision makers, who turn to the platform to hear from and respond to the communities they represent.

The nonprofit Foundation as majority owner, oversees the Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), a corporate subsidiary focused on technology, innovation and growth; and the charitable programs focused on empowering the most marginalized people and communities globally. This hybrid structure of two mutually supporting organizations enables us to combine the ambition and growth trajectory of a tech company with the mission-focused stewardship of a nonprofit. is committed to providing the tools, resources and support needed to empower anyone, anywhere to create the change they want to see in the world.


-- is the world’s largest civic action platform, using technology to empower more than 450 million users to create the change they want to see.