is Now 100% Nonprofit-Owned

Building an essential public service, funded by our users

We have always sought to build an important public service using the best of consumer technology — and over the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion of growth.

  • Technology for Mobilization: Finding the people who are interested in supporting a campaign can also be difficult. The technology platform combines easy and intuitive storytelling tools with a powerful machine learning and automation system that has helped campaign organizers reach an audience of 1.65 billion people on since the start of 2020, attracting 935 million signatures and 285,000 media articles.

A hybrid structure to maximize our long-term impact

After reaching the critical milestone of financial sustainability, we started to consider how we could set up the organization to further scale our impact, particularly in the context of a declining public trust in tech companies.

  • Programs: Focused on empowering the most marginalized people and communities globally. One of the risks in scaling a tech platform is that the most marginalized people and communities with least access to technology, resources and power are overlooked or harmed. We’ve designed a structure that aims to avoid this result by creating a dedicated team that focuses on empowering the least powerful people around the world to make the change they want to see.

The investors who have made this possible

The only way we could make this transition happen is with the unprecedented and generous support of our investors, who represent some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, business visionaries, and philanthropists.

Leadership for our next phase of growth

We’re also making a number of leadership changes as part of this transition:

Hope for the future

As we look to the future, we simultaneously see immense challenges facing the communities we serve, and an extraordinary and increasing power that people have to address those challenges.



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